For the best fit, all Kismet collars are crafted based off of actual neck size, not “collar size.”

To get your pups perfect fit, using a soft tape measure:

  • Measure where on the part of their neck you want it to sit
  • &¬†how snug you want the collar to fit.
  • OR¬†measure the inside circumference of an old collar adjusted to your preferred fit.
  • Please double and triple check your measurements.
  • Do not measure an old collar laid flat. This is “collar size” and will be inaccurate.
  • Do not put two fingers under the measuring tape, the collar will be too big.

Don’t forget, lots of treats will help your pup sit still to make measuring easier and more fun!

If you choose a neck size of 17″, that when buckled, the collar’s inner circumference will be almost exactly 17″. (give or take ~.25″, we are human after all)

To measure your dog’s neck accurately, use a soft measuring tape and measure WHERE on their neck you want the collar to sit, and HOW you want the collar to fit. If you have a pup that doesn’t stand still enough for you to measure them, you can use one of their old collars. Take the collar and buckle it how you like them to wear it, then measure the inside circumference.

Don’t measure neck size from an old collar laid flat, you’ll end up with a collar the wrong size. Measuring flat doesn’t account for different thicknesses & widths in materials, or hardware size and placement.

Buying for a puppy?

It’s probably better to wait until your pup has stopped growing before buying a collar for them. For smaller breeds, this is typically around 6 months to a year, but larger breeds can keep growing until they’re two or three years old.

If you really can’t wait and have a pretty good idea on what their adult neck size will be, you can always let us know in the notes at checkout, and we’ll check in with you before making your collar.