Got questions? Well, we got answers! But if not, hey, feel free to send us a message and ask us. Otherwise, simply click on a question below to see the answer.


How do I measure my dog's neck?

Why do I need to measure my dog's neck?

For your pup to have the perfect, most comfortable fit, we need to know how big (or small) to make their collar. We make gear to neck size, NOT collar size. Collar size is super inaccurate and results in collars too big or too small. So please click here to see our sizing guide so that your order can be made just right.

Do accept Returns/Exchanges?

As all our gear is made with the best materials, by hand it’s too costly for us to accept returns & exchanges. All sales are final. This keeps prices fair for our customers. For more details, click here to see our Return & Exchanges page.

Can I change my order after it's placed?

Sorry, once we receive your order you’ll no longer be able to make changes. Please, double check your choices before ordering. If you’re not sure about a color or need some help, just contact us first.

Can I rush my order & get it faster?

At the moment, we do not have a rush option available. If we do, it’ll be available in the shop as an add-on.


Do you do custom collar designs?

At this time, we’re closed for custom, non-website orders of both collars & tags. If you’d like to know when we open them up again to snag a slot, join the Kismet Pack Facebook Group.

Do you do custom tag designs?

At this time, we’re closed for custom, non-website orders of both collars & tags. If you’d like to know when we open them up again to snag a slot, join the Kismet Pack Facebook Group.

Do you make cat collars?

While we have quite a few cats who wear our dog collars when adventuring, we do not make cat-specific collars with a “safety feature.” If you chose to use a dog collar for your kitty, please only allow them to wear it under supervision, and remove when not in use. Cats like to sneak into tight places, and a safety feature is very important for them to have on their collars when they’re left unattended.

Can I make changes to Impulse Gear?

No. All Impulse Gear orders are as-is. We’re not able to add, remove, or alter them after ordering. This includes all collars, tags, leashes, etc.

What hardware/leather/etc. options are available?

Check out the Materials section to see all the different goodies we have stocked for you.

Will you copy a design from another source?

No. Please support the original maker of the design. We pride ourself on our creativity and uniqueness, if you prefer another maker’s aesthetic please support them by purchasing from them instead.

Care & Use

How do I care for my Kismet Gear?

Use it, love it, make tons of memories, adventure lots, take tons of pictures, play & explore. If leather feels a bit dry after a while, lightly condition. (hey, we make some awesome balm for that). Our Renegade line doesn’t need any conditioning, and neither does our metal work.

For more detailed info, see our super simple care guide.

Are Glamour Tags waterproof?

Yes, Glamour Tags are as waterproof as your dog. Should the sparkle somehow come out, that’s covered under our lifetime guarantee, and we’re more than happy to refill it for you.

How do I clean my Kismet Gear?

Basic dish soap & water. Seriously. Don’t buy anything fancy. For more, check out our care guide here.

Can Kismet Gear get wet?

YES. Go play in the mud, or go for a swim. Be wild, all your Kismet Gear can take it. Yes, ALL Kismet Gear. Whether that’s leather, our waterproof Renegade line, or tags. (heck, even our stickers are weather-proof) We take weather-ability seriously here, being in a state where you “Swim” through the air it’s so humid.

If your pup is a furry shark and spends all their time in the ocean, we do recommend our Renegade Gear over the leather, simply so you don’t have to condition.


Do you donate gear?

We get hundreds of emails a month asking for donations, and while we’d love to help every good cause out there, we’re unable to take requests for gear donations at this time. However, we do have a handful of causes we occasionally work with and will post on our Facebook or Instagram when they have something going on if you’d like to help.

What does your Lifetime Guarantee cover?

Why, we have a whole page dedicated to that! Click here to see it.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our website is able to process shipping requests for Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, & France. We ship USPS First Class International for international orders. If you’d prefer another method, please contact us before ordering.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any Duties, Fees, Fines, VAT, or costs you may incur or lost packages.

What payment methods do you accept?

Yes! All of our products are made from leather, specifically, latigo leather. Latigo is the tanning process used to make the leather. The tannage of the leather determines what characteristics the leather will have, such as flexibility, weather-ability, and durability, among other things. We spent a lot of time trying out different dog gear made with different materials, and found leather to be the best of the best! Then, we spent 6 months testing out the different types of leather from different suppliers til we found the perfect one. Not only does leather vary by tannage, it also varies from supplier to supplier, and tannery to tannery. For example, leather made in North America is of vast superior quality to that made in China, even if they both are “latigo” leather.

Not all leather is equal, but when you use the best of the best, like we do, you’ll find it’s a superior product to anything out there! Plus, it’s recycling the skins left-over from the meat-industry.

Is the ordering process secure?

Yes! The actual “payment” part of our website’s checkout process uses PayPal‘s secure ordering system to complete your purchase. We never, ever, see your credit card or bank information since the payment is done entirely through PayPal. Our website is also HTTPS / SSL Secured.