The buckle, d-ring, and snaps that go into making of your gear are incredibly important. Not only is it a vital factor of the strength and durability, it also determines how easy the gear is to use. The most important aspect of hardware is the metal it’s made from. Your Kismet gear uses only the strongest, most rust-proof metals; Stainless Steel & Solid Brass. None of our hardware is “plated” steel or zinc, ensuring long-lasting strength and metal that won’t flake off, chip, rust, or easily break.



Silver in color, and with great strength properties, stainless steel is a great option for those who enjoy a modern style. It has a bright shine to it, and will not develop a patina, keeping it’s lustrous “new” look for years to come. Stainless-steel is highly resistant to corrosion and won’t rust.


Gold-like in color, and quite strong, solid brass is a great option for those who love a classic look. It develops a patina over time, a natural coating that protects it from rust, and also gives it a “vintage” look.  The patina can easily be removed to restore the metal’s natural shine.



Bolt snaps are the type of snap you find at the end of most of the leashes available. They are “tried & true,” what most people are use to, and for good reason, they work well. The bolt snaps we use on our own  leashes and gear are heavy duty, strong, and made to last.


Scissor snaps are a great alternative to the traditional bolt snap. Their long trigger makes them easy to open even when wearing winter gloves, & their unique scissor-style method of opening creates a secure connection to the dog’s collar. Like our bolt snaps, these scissor snaps are heavy, solid, and strong.

Buckles, D-Rings, & O-Rings


We chose the nicest looking, and most functional, buckles we could get our hands on. Not only do they include a roller for easier buckling, but they also have a built in strap-keeper to hold down excess strap.


D-Rings are the part of the collar that the leash [ &/or ID tags ] attaches to. We use only the strongest D-rings we can get our hands on. They are especially heavy duty in the larger sizes for the stronger dogs.


We use O-Rings for certain odds and ends, such as in our Multipurpose Leashes. Our O-Rings are all cast, not welded, ensuring strength in addition to making sure there is no ugly welding seam showing.