• – Sorry guys, social media has been pretty dead. Still trying to focus on getting things out as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality. Easiest way to do that is to do less social media. [ editing photos, keeping up with messages for orders that I’m not actively working on, etc. just takes tons of time ]
  • – Trying to get in contact for final info/shipping/etc. for orders: #36867, #33403, #36922, #36865, #36919, #36867, #36868, #23535, #23123 [ contact Kismet Gear page on FB If I have not reached out to you yet ]
  • – Sent out 17 packages in the last 30 days. Pretty sure everyone has reached out to me and got their goodies, but if not, shoot me a message. [ you’d have gotten a message from PayPal with tracking # ]
  • – Note; due to Covid and the supply issues, prices have spiked, especially with leather. [ if you’ve been to your grocery store lately and seen the prices of beef… the same applies to the byproduct that is cowleather ] in addition to hardware due to backlog / supply issues from Covid / etc. Means our “buying power” has gone down, so we are restocking items slower then usual. Thanks for your patience!
  • – Still processing refunds. As Kismet is not generating revenue at the moment, and still has a loan its paying off from the pandemic, things are going slow. About one every 3-4 weeks. Thanks for your patience, we’re almost caught up there.
  • – We are currently going through the loss of two friends who passed suddenly in a car accident during the 4th weekend… things have been slower then normal as we try to cope with the loss, inform friends about it, and help manage the memorial services. Thank you for understanding <3 

Due to complications in our personal life involving health, in addition the many issues we’ve faced with Covid-19, Kismet is currently closed to orders.

Like many other people and small businesses, Covid has brought a slew of unforeseen logistical struggles and financial hardship. We are still committed to completing our current orders, even if it is, unfortunately, at a slower pace then we would prefer.

Our hope is that as the world slowly returns to normal, our pace and ability to source materials will as well.

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